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...all creatures of the night at festivals like Garbicz or Burning Man, fetish parties, photo shoots, raves in the bunker or in beach clubs with daytime techno and feet in the sand. Or as a gift for your favorite people.
Morgenlos is the new avant-garde label with authentic leather accessories: caps, masks, visors, earrings and many more. Handmade, uncompromising and unisex. The style of Berlin on international stages. Thonet


The soft leather from sustainable EU-production is comfortable to wear and, due to its elegant closure, fits nearly every head shape. Everything is unisex, of course, because our products are for everybody - yet, not for everyone. Each cap is elaborately finished by hand: sanded, polished and sealed with beeswax.


Each of our products is made of high quality materials. We have already finished them with high quality greases such as beeswax to repel moisture. But they also need some love from you to withstand the course of time and long nights.
Our advice: Apply a little of the valuable Effax leather balm every six months. The first round of loving care is on us, in the form of a sample pack (50ml). You can get more of it in our online store.

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