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You wore me and I wore you. The two of us were one in this morningless night. Forever.

Sisi, with you I can be whoever I want. Somebody else each night. Free and incognito. In places where everyone knows me. Your look, a magnet. Your expression, a poem. No matter who stands in front of me - they do not read me.

A mask with which you can be seen without being seen. A Viennese weave pattern was intricately laser cut into black blank leather and joined with steel rivets. The leather has been vegetable tanned (suitable for allergics) and is comfortable to wear. Leather straps form the the closure of "Sisi" on the top of the head, consequently making it suitable for almost all head sizes. The curved contours emphasize the eyes and leave the rest to imagination.

"Sisi" is, of course, unisex, because our products are for everybody - yet not for everyone. Each mask is elaborately finished by hand, sanded, polished and sealed with beeswax.

- Black
- 100 % blank leather (from sustainable EU production)
- Double steel head rivets, black
- The leather is vegetable tanned
- Ground and polished edges
- Finishing with high quality lanolin, avocado oil and beeswax, which have a water repellent effect.
- Measure on the outside 17 cm in length
- Measure in the middle 10 cm in length
- the mask closes at the level of the ears
- Handcrafted in Berlin
- Leather as a natural material (with irregular surface structure, pores and scars) gives our products their unique look, which may differ minimally from the product image.


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